Arbitrator of Gunmetal City


Name: Jericus “Cutter” Dorn Homeworld: Gunmetal City – Scintella Career: Arbitrator Rank: Trooper Gender: Male Build: Wiry Skin Color: Tan Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Lenses Age: 30 Quirk: You have a bullet wound scar. Hive Class: Factory Dregs Divination: There are no civilians in the battle for survival. XP (Remaining/Spent): 0/1500

Stats WS: 36 - BS: 36 - S: 24 - T: 33 - Ag: 28 - Int: 41 - Per: 36 - WP: 32 - Fel: 36 - Wounds: 16 - Fate Points: 2 - Insanity Points: 0 - Corruption Points: 0 - Thrones: 26

Traits: Caves of Steel Hivebound Wary Gunmetal Hiver Skills Packing Iron Way of the Gun

Basic Skills: Tech-Use (Int)(Caves of Steel) Awareness (Per) Barter(Fel) Carouse(Tou) Charm(Fel) Climb(Str) Command(Fel) Concealment(Agi) Contortionist(Agi) Deceive(Fel) Disguise(Fel) Evaluate(Int) Gamble(Int) Intimidate(Str) Logic(Int) Silent Move(Agi) Swim(Str)

Advanced Skills: Awareness (Per), Common Lore (Adeptus Arbites) (Int), Common Lore (Imperium) (Int), Dodge (Agi) Inquiry +10(Fel), Interrogation (Wil) Literacy (Int), Scrutiny (Per), Search (Per) Speak Language (Metallican Hive Dialect) (Int) (Gunm. Hiver Sk.), Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int), Tracking (Int)

Talents: Pistol Training (SP), Basic Weapons Training (SP), Melee Weapons Training (Primitive), Peer (Adeptus Arbites) Quick Draw Takedown Weapon Training (Shock)

Advances: Awareness (100), Scrutiny (100), Ballistic Skill (Simple) (100), Sound Constitution (100), Inquiry +10 (100) Weapon Training (Shock) (100) Tracking (100) Sound Constitution II (100) Peer (Adeptus Arbites) (100) Takedown (100) Perception Advance (Simple) (250) Intelligence Adance (Simple) (100) Weapon Skill Advance (Simple) (250) Interrogation (100) Search (100) Dodge (100)

Gear: Pump-Shotgun and 32 shells, Stubgun Automatic and 40 rounds, Shock Maul, brass knuckles, knife, uniform (Good Quality Clothing), Civvies (Low Quality clothing), 3 doses of stimm, injector, Arbitrator ID, chrono, flask of amasec, mesh vest, lucky cog (memento), stick of chalk (memento), microbead, glowglobe, filtration plugs


Background: Jericus is the child of simple factory workers in Gunmetal City on Scintilla. Diligent and hard-working in the munitions factories, they instilled in him both the affinity for firearms common to the city and a sense of duty, diligence and stability much less common. Jericus was fortunate (and skilled) enough to distinguish himself in the rudimentary religious education provided to factory whelps to win free from his family pattern of grueling labor, using a recommendation from the factory Ministorum cleric to join a security detail and from there clawing his way up to apply to the implacable Arbites.

Personality: Like most Arbitrators, Jericus is defined by his devotion to the Emperor’s law and maintaining order among the Imperial worlds, a driving force that motivates all his actions. However zealous, he is also canny and pragmatic – the Lawless City is a dangerous place to rely on pure force and authority, and the Arbites of Gunmetal have become adept not just at sidestepping the everyday violence and chaos in their pursuant of real threats, but turning these conditions to their advantage. Jericus is as likely to enlist and inform a traitors more conventional enemies to bring him down as he is to wade in with shock-maul and shield. His upbringing and training have left him with little regard for rabble-rousers and trouble-makers that upset the delicate order of Imperial life. He holds the typical hard-working Imperial citizen in high regard – are they not oil and gears of the whole Imperium? – but he maintains a big-picture perspective. Just as dozens of factory workers die monthly to bring munitions to the Emperors armies, sometimes hundreds (or more) must be set aside to ensure the peace of a city, world, or sector.


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